Which is the cheapest Citizenship by Investment Programme? 1

Which is the cheapest Citizenship by Investment Programme?

It may be cheaper than you think…

The Second Citizenship Survey 2019 from CS Global Partners found that 89% of people would like to own a second passport, and over 34% said they had looked into investing in a second citizenship.

Even more striking were the 80% who said they would be willing to invest or donate 5% of their annual salary for a second citizenship — more than they spend on monthly rent.

Luckily, a number of countries offer Citizenship by Investment (CIP) programs where money — normally invested in real estate — can actually buy a second passport, and the elite status that comes along with owning citizenship in another country.

2020 may be the best time to buy a second passport, this is because several Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are still ON SALE due to the effects of the 2017 hurricane season. Here is a list of programmes and MINIMUM Investment requirement;

CountryTime to CitizenshipMin. Investment
ANTIGUA & BARBUDA3-4 monthsUS$100,000
CYPRUS3 months€2,000,000
DOMINICA3-4 monthsUS$200,000
GRENADA3-4 monthsUS$200,000
MALTA12 months€1,150,000
MONTENEGRO6 months€350,000
SAINT LUCIA4-6 monthsUS$190,000
ST. KITTS & NEVIS4-6 monthsUS$195,000
BULGARIA*24 months€1,002,000

*Bulgaria offers a residency by investment program with a fast-track to citizenship option. It is important to remember that not all countries allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship. Contact Joelaw before starting the process.

Citizenship by Investment Timeline


St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program


Dominica Economic Citizenship Program


Cyprus Naturalization of Investors by Exception Scheme


Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program


Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program


Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program


Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program


Armenia Citizenship by Investment Program

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