NO Residency Requirement for applicants, why not? 1

NO Residency Requirement for applicants, why not?

Long term economic and security benefits.

Every company expects to be profitable, that is a fact, but when put into the context of C.I.P business, these long-term profits may never be realised within the territory, as the investors/shareholders may not subject to any residency requirement. Governments need to make sure that invested revenue remains within the nation. This revenue will thereby extend to the citizens of the nation, not only through the provision of jobs, but also through securing national debts and expenses.

Governments should legislate for not only the introduction of a residency requirement, but use this requirement to help with the due diligence process which is indicated in my research. More specifically, a legal residency requirement should be introduced and maintained by O.E.C.S to help to bolster the overall long term economic gains and programme security. This mandate should act to require applicants to spend significant time in the invested country not only to illustrate nation patronage but also to conduct necessary due diligence.

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