Is a unified O.E.C.S citizenship programme policy necessary? 1

Is a unified O.E.C.S citizenship programme policy necessary?

“United we stand, divided we fall”


Citizenship by Investment programmes in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, when considered and compared on a unilateral basis are a competitive business which each individual member state government conducts. Each individual state advertises their individual programme, boasting the benefits of receiving their unique sovereign passport document.

At present, it can be seen that there is little to no coordination of C.I.P’s within the O.E.C.S, therefore a wealth of legal, administrative and regulatory issues arise with these programmes. Individual states are pursuing separate, and in many ways ad hoc programs, that disregard the need for regional socio-economic growth and economic sustainability. There have been discussions in the media regarding taking a unified approach, but this suggestion has never been officially presented on a regional level.


In order to mandate a unified C.I.P in the O.E.C.S, there are certain issues which will need to be identified, critically analysed and thoroughly considered. Our research conducted in 2018, entitled “Corporate considerations for a unified Citizenship by Investment Programme Policy…”, identifies the different corporate cultures within in the O.E.C.S, and also, gives consideration to all of the inherent issues and risks which affect sustainable profits and growth of unilateral C.I.P’s including the administrative risks, investment risks and legal policy risks. This fundamental research can be share upon request via e-mail. It will become necessary to mitigate these issues when considering the long-term profitability and life-expectancy of a multilateral programme.

Absent a few, unilateral programmes so far have not been able to provide a secure long-term profitable working policy. Therefore, it may be timely to consider a unified approach where the O.E.C.S Commission mandates the necessary legal policy for the creation of the necessary framework aimed at long term sustainability and profits for all member states.

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